Real-time candidate feedback via your career site

Step 1: Choose a survey template

Survey Type: Banner, Button or Card

We support three survey types that you can use individually or in combination with one another for optimized conversion rates.

Look and feel: Font, Color & Borders

Customize the look and feel of your surveys by matching your website's branding. Use any font, color(s), and border radius or opacity.

Step 2: Target your audience

Triggers: Exit Intent, Scroll Depth and more

Decide when you'd like to ask for feedback by setting a custom trigger per survey. And configure (a) rule(s) to filter traffic further.

Device type: Mobile vs. Desktop

The experience of mobile visitors differs greatly from the experience of desktop visitors. Account for this by segmenting surveys based on device type, and increasing overall conversion.

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Step 3: Install our plugin

Google Tag Manager

Thanks to our plug-and-play installation guide, you can easily start asking for feedback via your website within minutes after installation via Google Tag Manager.


It's very easy to install this tool and start asking for feedback on your WordPress-powered website. Anyone can do this within a few clicks.

Step 4: Listen, analyse & improve

Email alerts

Make sure you'll receive an email alert whenever you receive feedback. Never miss another opportunity via your career site this way.

Real-time reports

Get a visual overview of what your candidates are telling you through our powerful and real-time reporting tool.

Exporting: CSV, XLSX & HTML

Export your responses with our click-and-play data exporting tool. This way, you can work with your data yourself via CSV, XLSX, or HTML.

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