WebFeedback  in action

Here's how it works

Live WebFeedback on your site

Step 1: Enter your domain

Sign up with your domain on WebFeedback

Step 2: Select a template

Select your first template in our Template store. 

Types of templates: improve onboarding experience, acquire more customers, measure customer experience etc. 

Step 3: Install WebFeedback

Install WebFeedback by creating and verifying your WebFeedback account. After verification copy the script in your Google Tag Manager and add it to your website. ]Activate your WebFeedback survey. 

Step 4: Analyse in the Dashboard

Start collecting feedback. Afterwards analyse the received visitor feedback in the dashboard.

Follow up on the feedback you have received for example, take actions, fix bugs or add more features or guidance to your website a/o product. 


Ready to collect WebFeedback? Let's launch that rocket and unlock growth.